Hello, My name is Clayton Harrison.

Clatek is the independent design studio of Clayton Harrison, a passionate professional graphic designer & web developer specializing in an vast array of digital media platforms. My sole mission for launching Clatek is to improve businesses through creative forms of visual communications.  This is done by designing and implementing a compelling user experience through both print and digital media as well as the latest mobile technologies.

No cookie cutters allowed. Every Brand is different and that's how I approach each and every project that I take on. No one size fits all solutions will do at Clatek. I also do not take on more projects then I can handle to insure each project receives my complete attention at all times.

Through my unique and creative vision, I grow brands through websites, digital branding, portable devices and the other ever expanding technologies in this field.


No such thing as a final product. With the ever changing technology which is digital media, a final product is often times a slowly dying product. I try not to just create great products, but to create great relationships with my clients. Through this relationship I provide ongoing strategic consulting well after the product's launch.

Like any birth, my creations grow, improve and sometimes change based on the individual needs of each client.


A marriage made in heaven. Yes, Clatek has married creativity and technology together to form a perfect union. It is the relationship between these two that makes Clatek truly an unique experience agency and the partner of choice for both startups and experienced companies looking to expand their brand.

My flexibility allows me to customize my serviced to fit the specific needs of each and every client. So whether your just starting out or are a seasoned company, I will work with you to create the most effective digital solutions possible.

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