Web Design and Development

Lets face it. There are thousands of nice looking templates and do it yourself websites out there. The "one size fits all" approach has it's place for personal sites, hobbyist and those looking just to have there name on the web.

Those with vision and a demographics to reach quickly find these to fall very short very fast for there needs. These cookie cutter design sites never list any established company who uses them. That's because just as there is no "one size fits all" business plan for success...there is no such template to meet the needs of all businesses.


What makes me different?

 I create sites that are not only the most visually appealing, but the most strategically constructed to significantly increase brand awareness. I start by listening to what your audience segment is saying. Then discover ways to give them what they want.

I'm not afraid to dig in and understand how your business works and how to optimize it through an online presence.

Clatek creates solutions, spot trends and interact with consumers to enable and provide effective content designed to promote consumer awareness, move ideas forward and accelerate sales. Understanding what attracts and motivates your audience is the difference between Clatek and those "one size fits all" solutions.


Mobile Technology

If you are only targeting consumers on personal computers then your not capturing all the audience you could be and your missing opportunities to grow your business. In five years more users will access the internet through mobile devices then personal computers.

At Clatek I utilize the latest technology to reach more people in new and interesting ways.  I promote your messages to users on the newest and arguably the most important platforms, optimizing your spending dollars and the reach of your online presence.

Social Networking

In this day and age it's not enough to know what it is your clients wants. You must also understand what your audience is saying about you and then use this information to create interactive ways to connect with them on a personal level.

Social Media Marketing is an extremely effective way to accomplish this while producing benefits to your company. I understand how to effectively leverage your digital presence to encourage brand interaction.

My creations support business initiatives by delivering ideas, strategies and tactics that inspire people to participate in dialogue, boost engagement and increase the visibility of your business.

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